Abhidharma texts (Chinese Canon)

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The Abhidharma texts of the Chinese Canon include the translations of the Abhidharma Pitakas from several different traditions of early Buddhism.[1]

The following works are translated:

  • The Samgitiparyaya, the Dharmaskandha, the Prajnapti, the Vijnanakaya, the Dhatukaya, the Prakaranapada, the Jnanaprasthana, the Mahavibhasa, the Abhidharma-hrdaya-vyakhya, the Abhiraharmananyanyanusara and the Abhidharmasamayapradipika Sastras of the Sarvastivada school.
  • Of the works of Vibhajyavadins, it includes the Abhidharma Sastra of Sariputa, which is the only important work that links up the Southern and Northern Abhidharmas.
  • The Vimmuttimagga which is a different version of the Pali Visuddhimagga.
  • The Sammitiya Sastra of the Vatsiputriya School.
  • The Abhidharma-kosha of the third to fourth century which combines the best teachings of the Sarvastivada and Sautrantika schools, and the Satyasiddi Sastra of Harivarman which greatly influenced Chinese Buddhism.

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