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  • ...'''''Vīmaṃsaka Sutta''''' (MN 47, ''The Inquirer'') is a sutta of the [[Pali Canon]] with a parallel text in the [[Madhyama Agama]] of the [[Chinese Can
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  • ...d|sammasambuddha]]. A sāvakabuddha is distinguished from a sammasambuddha and a [[Pratyekabuddha|paccekabuddha]]. The standard designation for such a per ...ohn (1987), ''The Buddhist handbook. A Complete Guide to Buddhist Teaching and Practice''. London: Century Paperbacks. Page 81</ref> A sāvakabuddha might
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  • ...desire, depression, etc. Contemporary translators use a variety of English words to translate the term ''kleshas'', such as: afflictions, defilements, destr ...'unwholesome roots'' in the Theravada tradition. These three root kleshas (and the kleshas generally) are seen as the very roots of [[samsara|samsaric exi
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  • ...ः which means - a 'cover' or 'veil'. This word also refers to emanation and to the manifest power of Lord [[Vishnu]].<ref>{{cite book|title=the Practic ...avens, controller of all, [[Surya]], son of [[Prajapati]]; remove thy rays and gather up the burning light. I behold thy glorious form; I am he, the [[Pur
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  • ...e Buddha lived and taught in northern India approximately 2,500 years ago, and since his passing, his teachings have spread throughout the world. to be, also as ''[[Buddha-vacana]]'', the word or speech of the Buddha, and also as ''Buddha-sāsana'', the message, teaching, instruction or dispensat
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  • The '''''Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta''''' (Pali; Sanskrit: ''Dharmacakra Pravartana Sūtra''; English: ''The Setting in Mot ...introduces the Buddhist concepts of the [[middle way]], [[impermanence]], and [[Pratītyasamutpāda|dependent origination]].
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  • {{Needs-Attention|Needs copy edit and clarification}} ...ares to Modern Colombo''. Routledge: London. {{ISBN|0-415-07585-8}}.</ref> and active interest in others.<ref name=PED />
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  • ...ddhist meditation practices. Mantras are believed to help pacifiy the mind and protect it from negative influences. Mantras are often recited as a form of ==Means of pacifying and protecting the mind==
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  • ...[[Mahayana]] Buddhists do not observe Vassa, though [[Vietnamese Thiền]] and [[Korean Seon]] monastics observe an equivalent retreat of three months of ...avarana]], when all monastics come before the [[Sangha (Buddhism)|sangha]] and atone for any offense that might have been committed during Vassa.
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  • |l= Pronunciation and Meaning in all the Sutras ...hikkhu|monk]] Xuanying 玄應, who was a translator for the famous pilgrim and [[Sanskritist]] monk [[Xuanzang]]. When Xuanying died he had only finished
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  • In [[Buddhism]], '''rddhi powers''' ([[Sanskrit]]; [[Pali]]: ''iddhi'') are "psychic powers",{{sfn|Pio|1988|p=60}} one of the five{{s # Replicate and project bodily-images of oneself,
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  • ...ailand]] to the [[Tibetan Buddhism|Tibetan Buddhist]] temples in [[India]] and [[Tibet]]. Almost every Buddhist school has some tradition of [[chant]]ing ...he basis for most [[Theravada]] chants is the [[Pali Canon]], [[Mahayana]] and [[Vajrayana]] chants draw from a wider range of sources.
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  • ...nka.jpg|thumb|Group of female novices in Sri Lanka]]A '''sāmaṇera''' ([[Pali]]); [[Sanskrit]] ''śrāmaṇera'', is a novice male monastic in a [[Buddhi ...ada]] or full ordination. The [[prātimokṣa]] rules do not apply to them and they do not take part in the recital of the rules on [[uposatha]] days.
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  • {{about|the term anagārika in general|the Sri Lankan Buddhist revivalist and writer|Anagarika Dharmapala}} ...ka and Upāsikā|laypersons]]. An anagārika takes the [[Eight Precepts]], and might remain in this state for life.
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  • ...and is used as a title of address for high-school and university teachers, and for Buddhist monks who have passed ten ''[[vassa]]''. ...laity, but this formality has been loosened when it comes to Western monks and [[Theravada]] monks well-known outside Thailand.
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  • ...Tantric Theravada: A Bibliographic Essay on the Writings of Francois Bizot and others on the Yogavacara-Tradition], Contemporary Buddhism 1 (2), 141-198</ ...secret texts (''gulhagantham'') as well as other textual evidence from the Pali commentaries. Cousins concludes that "It is quite possible that present-day
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  • ...37</ref> As a distinct sect, Theravada Buddhism developed in [[Sri Lanka]] and spread to the rest of Southeast Asia. ...ary expressions include [[Buddhist modernism]], the [[Vipassana movement]] and the [[Thai Forest Tradition]].
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  • ...ekh Stupa, where the Buddha gave the first sermon on the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path to his five disciples, Sarnath.jpg|thumb|Dhamekh Stupa, ...on. As such sutras can be difficult reading, but their content, the actual words of the Buddha, are an infallible map out of the suffering that currently tr
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  • ...pts from the ancient region of Gandhara (present-day northwestern Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan). The texts, dating from about the 1st century CE,<ref ...d Sanskrit]] versions of texts. Other Gandhāran Buddhist texts—"several and perhaps many"—have been found over the last two centuries but lost or des
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  • ...Lotus Sutra is the core text of the [[Tiantai]], [[Tendai]], [[Cheontae]], and [[Nichiren Buddhism|Nichiren]] schools. ...n Buddhism, this sutra serves as a reference for quotes regarding the view and practice for the Mahayana path.
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