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This article includes content from an article (click here) on SuttaCentral, translated by Bhikkhu Sujato|. Licensed under CC0 1.0 SuttaCentral icon square 170px.png

This is to provide attribution for translations by Bhikkhu Sujato from SuttaCentral.

1: Complete url (defaults to https://suttacentral.net/) 2: Displayed page name for source wiki (defaults to displayed page name for the page it is added to)
3: Translator (defaults to Bhikkhu Sujato)
4: Indicate 'article' or 'section' (defaults to article)


Example (using defaults except the url):

{{SuttaCentral content|https://suttacentral.net/an8.6/en/sujato|Worldly Conditions (2nd); AN 8.6}}

Example with all parameters:

{{SuttaCentral content|https://suttacentral.net/an8.6/en/sujato|Worldly Conditions|Bhikkhu Sujato|section}}

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