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ṛddhividhābhijñā (P. addhividhābhiññā; T. rdzu 'phrul nmgon shes; C. shenjing zhizhengtong) is translated as "psychic supranormal powers." This refers to one of five types of mundane supernatural powers (abhijñā) produced through the perfection of meditative concentration.[1]

These psychic powers (ṛddhi) include the ability to:[1]

  1. Replicate and project bodily-images of oneself
  2. Pass through solid objects
  3. Walk on water
  4. Fly through the air
  5. Touch the sun and moon with one's hand

These powers can be attained by Buddhists or non-Buddhists, and they do not indicate that one is enlightened. The Buddha cautioned his disciples against becoming distracted by such powers or displaying them in public.

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