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Kawa Paltseg

A Manual of Key Buddhist Terms (Tib. མཁས་འཇུག་, Wyl. mkhas 'jug) is a brief encyclopedia of Buddhist terminology of the Sanskrit Mahayana tradition that is a compilation (in English) of two Tibetan texts written by Tibetan translator and scholar Kawa Paltsek in the eigth century. The combined texts have been translated into English by the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives.

Source texts

A Manual of Key Buddhist Terms includes translations of the following texts by Kawa Paltsek:[1]

  • chos kyi rnam grangs
  • chos kyi rnam grangs kyi brjed byang


  • Kawa Paltseg, Lotsawa. A Manual of Key Buddhist Terms: Categorization of Buddhist Terminology with Commentary. LTWA: 2015

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  1. A Manual of Key Buddhist Terms, p. xiv
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