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Arunachal Pradesh ("the land of dawn-lit mountains"[1]) is one of the 29 states of India and is the northeastern-most state of the country.

The state of Arunachal Pradesh contains one of the highest proportions of Buddhists in India. The sixth Dalai Lama Tsangyang Gyatso was born in this region. The 400-year-old Tawang Monastery is in the extreme north-west of the state.

Arunachal Pradesh borders the states of Assam and Nagaland to the south and shares international borders with Bhutan in the west, Myanmar in the east and is separated from China in the north by the disputed McMahon Line.

A major part of the state is claimed by the Republic of China, and the People's Republic of China refers to it as "South Tibet". During the 1962 Sino-Indian war, Chinese forces temporarily crossed McMahon line, the border line between the state and China.[2]


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