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atapa (P. atappa; T. mi dgung ba མི་གདུང་བ་; C. wure) is translated as "painless," "untroubled," "without distress," "without torment," "not burning," etc. It is identified as:

  • the fourth highest of the "five pure abodes" (śuddhāvāsa )
  • one of the eight heavens of the fourth dhyana of the form realm (rūpadhātu)
  • the name of the beings who reside in the atapa realm[1]

One is reborn in this realm through achieving, in one's previous lifetime, the same level of meditative absorption (dhyana) that corresponds with the gods in this realm.[1]

According to Buddhaghosa, this realm is called "without torment" because the beings in this realm torment no one.[1]

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