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Bimala Churn Law.

Bimala Churn Law (1892–1969) was an Indologist and a benefactor of the Royal Asiatic Society. He published many books in the fields of Buddhism, Jainism, and the history and geography of India.[1]

Dr. Law was educated at Presidency College, Calcutta, and Calcutta University, where he received the M.A., B.L., and Ph.D. degrees... In 1931 his thesis on the history of Pali literature was approved for the Griffith Memorial prize; it was published in two volumes in London in 1933. He gained the Litt.D. degree at Lucknow University, where he was a Bonarjee Research Prizeman. From 1916 onwards Dr. Law began to produce articles and publications on a wide range of subjects in the fields of Buddhism (including editions and translations of Pali texts), Jainism, and the history and geography of ancient India.[2]

In 1935 he established the Dr B. C. Law Trust Fund at the Royal Asiatic Society for the publication of works on Indology.[1]


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