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Temple of One Thousand Buddhas, in la Boulaye, Saône-et-Loire, Burgundy

Fortunate Aeon Sutra (Skt. Bhadrakalpikasūtra; Tib. བསྐལ་པ་བཟང་པོའི་མདོ་, Wyl. bskal pa bzang po’i mdo) (Toh. 94) — a Mahayana sutra taught by Buddha Shakyamuni in Vaishali at the request of Bodhisattva Pramuditarāja, which describes in detail the 1002 buddhas of this Fortunate Aeon. It is found in the first volume of the sutra section of the Tibetan Kangyur. The original Sanskrit text is now lost.

According to Buswell, the text was written in c. 200-250 CE.[1]

Early Translations

  • First translated from Sanskrit into Tibetan by Vidyākarasiṁha and Bandé Palyang.
  • Tibetan translation revised in the 9th century by Kawa Paltsek
  • Chinese translation by Dharmarakṣa.

English Translations

  • The Fortunate Aeon: How the Thousand Buddhas Became Enlightened (Tibetan Translation Series), 4 volume set (Berkeley: Dharma Publishing, 1986).


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