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Bhadrika (Skt.; P. Bhaddiya; T. བཟང་ལྡན་ zang den; C. Poti/Renxian) one of the group of five, i.e. the first five disciples of the Buddha.[1]

Bhadrika was one of the five ascetics who practised austerities for six years with Siddhartha Gautama before his enlightenment. After Siddhartha's enlightenment, he and the other four astectics became the Buddha's first five disciples after listening to the Buddha's first discourse, the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta.

Bhadrika was "the son of one of the eight brahmanas who attended Gautama's naming ceremony",[1] where it was predicted that the Gautama would either become a chakravartin or an enlighted one.

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