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Cāmara (T. rnga yab རྔ་ཡབ་) has the following denotations:

  1. In Buddhist cosmology, the "Land of Cāmara" (Skt. Cāmara-dvīpa; T. rnga yab gling) is one of the eight smaller continents that exist on each side of the four main continents that surround Mount Meru.[1][2] This island is one of the two smaller continents on either side of Jambudvīpa. It is inhabited by rākṣasas.[3] In the Tibetan tradition, it is said to be the site of the Pure Land of Padmasambhava, which is known as the Copper-Colored Mountain of Glory (zangs mdog dpal ri).[2]
  2. The bushy tail of the yak used as a whisk for repelling flying insects. It is one of the insignia of royalty.[1] In the Chan tradition, the fly whisk became a symbol of the rank of a Chan master.[4]


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