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The term Chittamatra (Skt. Cittamātra; Tib. སེམས་ཙམ་པ་, Semtsampa; Wyl. sems tsam pa), or Mind Only, is used in the following contexts:

  • as an alternative name for the Yogacara school of Mahayana Buddhism
  • the name of one of the Four tenet systems within Tibetan Buddhism
  • the name of a section of the Tibetan Tengyur that contains Chittamatra-related texts (within the section "Sutra Commentary and Philsophy"; see [1])
Editornote image from pexelsdotcom 60x40px.png Editor's note: It seems like the name "Yogacara" was used more in East Asian Buddhism, while the name Chittamatra was more common in Tibet. To be clarified.