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Dasabhumika-sutra. (Skt. Daśabhūmikasūtra; T. Sa bcu pa’i mdo; C. Shidi jing/Shizhu jing; J. Jūjikyō/Jūjūkyō; K. Sipchi kyŏng/Sipchu kyŏng 十地經 / 十住經) In English, "Sutra of Ten Stages" or "Sutra of Ten Bhumis" or "Sutra of Ten Grounds". The definitive sutra regarding the "ten stages” (dasabhumi) of the bodhisattva path.[1] The sutra is included as a chapter in the Avatamsaka Sutra, and also circulated as an independent text.[2][3]

In the Daśabhūmika Sūtra, the Buddha describes ten bhumis (stages of develepment) that a bodhisattva must progress through in order to accomplish full Enlightenment and Buddhahood; the sutra also describes Buddha-nature and the awakening of the aspiration for Enlightenment.


A commentary on the Daśabhūmika Sūtra, the Dasabhūmikabhāsya, was written by Vasubandhu in Sanskrit and translated into Chinese by Bodhiruci and others during the 6th century CE.

The Madhyamakāvatāra is a commentary on the meaning of Nagarjuna's Mūlamadhyamakakārikā and the Daśabhūmikasūtra-śāstra.[4]


Chinese Daśabhūmikā school

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A Daśabhūmikā school said to have existed in China at one time, which centered on this sutra, but was later absorbed by the Huayan school.

Huayan school

The Avatamsaka Sutra, of which the Daśabhūmika Sūtra is a part, is the foundation text of the Huayan school. The Huayan school declined in China after the death of its fifth and best known patriarch, Zongmi (780–841), but they provided major foundational teachings for the Mahayana schools which exist today, such as Zen.

Journey of Sudhana

The Daśabhūmika Sūtra can also be found in modified form in the thirty-ninth chapter as part of the journey of the bodhisattva Sudhana.

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