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Dhammapāla was a renowned scholar of the Pali tradition who lived in the fifth century CE (approximately) and wrote many commentaries, including the Paramatthamañjūsā, a commentary on the Visuddhimagga.

Encyclopedia Britannica states:

Dhammapala, who probably came from southern India, is credited with the writing of numerous commentaries, including the Paramattha dipani (Pali: “Elucidation of the True Meaning”), a commentary on several books of the Khuddaka nikaya. In the Paramattha manjusa (Pali: “Jewel Box of the True Meaning”), a commentary on Buddhaghosha’s Visuddhimagga, Dhammapala quotes a verse from the Hindu scripture Bhagavadgita and frequently mentions the views of other schools and teachers. As a result, this work provides valuable information about intellectual activity in traditional circles.[1]


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