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What are clones?

A clone is a copy of a Wikipedia article that has not been vetted by our editors. In many cases, the article is marked with the following tag:

This article is a clone.
It is a copy of a Wikipedia article that has not been vetted by our editors.

Or if we have started editing the article, but it is still is mostly a clone, and still has issues that need to be addressed, then it may be tagged like this:

This article is a modified clone.
It started as a copy of a Wikipedia article. We have made some changes, but we are still in the process of vetting this content.
Vetting Image fair use 60x35px.png

Why do you have clones on your site?

The clones allow us to quickly add an article on a specific topic to this site (Encyclopedia of Buddhism, or "EOB"). Over time, we will review the cloned articles and edit them to meet our standards. The "Clone" tag on the articles just means that we have not had a chance to thoroughly review the article and verify it's accuracy.

Generally, some articles on Wikipedia are very good and do not need much improvement. However, some articles lack clarity, or contain misinterpretations or extraneous information or have other issues that need to be addressed. These are the things we try to fix on this site.

So if an article is tagged as a clone, it means there may be issues with the quality of the article that we need time to sort out. Having the article copied into our site makes it easier for us to address these issues when the time is right.

Are you consistent in labeling articles as clones?

No, not at this time. Eventually, we hope to add some type of quality rating to each article, but this will take some time.