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How we got started

This site was created by importing about 1200 Buddhism related articles from Wikipedia. About 100 of the imported articles were articles that User:Dorje108 had developed as a Wikipedia editor. (About 50 of those articles were small articles on the mental factors and other Buddhist terms.)

The reason for starting this new site was that we reached an impasse on Wikipedia--we had different views from other Wikipedia editors on how these articles should be developed and we were unable to reach a consensus.

So we decided to set up a new site so that we can develop these articles as we think best. Our guiding principle is a non-sectarian approach based on the Rimé movement. This non-sectarian approach means that we try to present the views of different Buddhist traditions and of modern academic scholars without bias or judgement.

For more about our history with Wikipedia, see:

Wikipedia license information

Wikipedia licensing permits anyone to create a fork of their content, and develop the content as they wish, as long as they include the proper attribution to the original Wikipedia article. In our case, each article that has been imported from Wikipedia includes an attribution at the bottom of the page, with appropriate links to the source article and it's authors.

This site also has articles that we developed without relying on Wikipedia content.

Wikicommons images

Most of the images on this site are imported directly from Wikicommons , which is a free media repository developed as a Wikimedia project. You can view all the relevant copyright information and other details about these images by clicking on the image within the article.

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