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Extensions we can add

  • TemplateStyles Seems to be used only in documentation for a few templates, see pages linked to Template:Uses_TemplateStyles
  • Extension:FlaggedRevs - this is used by the template for semiprotected status {{[[Template:{pp-pc1|{pp-pc1]]}}. We don't need this extension of course at present anyway. But it prevents imported pages from displaying an error if they have semi protected status originally.
  • Extension:MsUpload which could be useful if we want to drag / drop a lot of images from local computer to the wiki
  • PdfBook Export a set of pages as a pdf book
  • NukeDPL Batch delete many pages
  • Extension:Quiz Quiz developed for Wikiversity, help here: Help:Quiz
  • PDFEmbed

If we ever need music Lilypond scores embedded these are useful:

In the score extehsion installation instructions it has this section:
The relevant parts are
$wgScoreFluidsynth = '/path/to/your/fluidsynth/executable'; /* if you want MIDI to audio conversion */
$wgScoreSoundfont = '/path/to/your/soundfont/file'; /* required for Fluidsynth */
The installation instructions for FluidSynth are here:
The second of those two soundfonts, soundfont-fluid, or Fluid R3 I thnk is the one you'd use.

Extensions we might want to add

  • Extension:TalkRight - gives the public "talk rights" that they can edit discussion pages but not articles. I don't know if we want to do that but if we want to encourage feedback we could.
  • Extension:PageDisqus - add the Disqus commenting to every page. Just mentioning it in case we ever wanted to - could encourage comments by experts

Complicated install instructions

got errors on install with composer:

 Problem 1
   - mediawiki/maps 6.0.1 requires php >=7.1 -> your PHP version (7.0.32) does not satisfy that requirement.
   - mediawiki/maps 6.0.0 requires php >=7.1 -> your PHP version (7.0.32) does not satisfy that requirement.
   - Installation request for mediawiki/maps ^6 -> satisfiable by mediawiki/maps[6.0.0, 6.0.1].
               "mediawiki/maps": "^6",

tried for

"mediawiki/maps": "~5",
 "mediawiki/maps": "4.3",

both also caused errors

  • Wikibase/Installation - may help with the wikibase lua errors - though actually doesn't seem to fix them on my other wikis - and complex to install (is done automatically on miraheze).

$wgEnableWikibaseRepo = true; $wgEnableWikibaseClient = true; require_once "$IP/extensions/Wikibase/repo/Wikibase.php"; require_once "$IP/extensions/Wikibase/repo/ExampleSettings.php"; require_once "$IP/extensions/Wikibase/client/WikibaseClient.php"; require_once "$IP/extensions/Wikibase/client/ExampleSettings.php";

Installing using composer

Requres editing public_html/composer.local.json as explained for the extension - or remove the line for the extension to uninstall

Then in Putty:

composer install --no-dev php maintenance update

Extensions already added

For Reference Tooltips imported and configured as described here
  • Reference tooltips - a widget that needs the Gadgets extension to be installed.
  • Extension:Widgets - lets you embed html code as a widget, with a library you can use e.g. Google street view, maps, video players, etc. - need to configure write permission to install' for the folder $IP/extensions/Widgets/compiled_templates/. Instructions[2] are straightforward but need console access to the server, probably can do with PUTTy. Though, I am not sure if they are really needed, could give it a go without doing this and see what happens. - couldn't do it but turned out not to be needed because it's served over html and its a locally run process (or something)
  • Extension:TemplateData needed for formatting the parameters section of {{Float box}}
  • Extension:Purge adds a purge tab to every page.
  • Extension:Interwiki - adds interwiki links such as [[Wikipedia:Test]] to link to Test on Wikipedia as Wikipedia:Test.

See Special:Interwiki

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Extension:MobileFrontend and responsive skins we can add to make EoB mobile friendly - done

Or alternatively (or as well as), add "responsive" skins. My new wikis use responsive skins.

My Astrobiology wiki uses Metrolook.

My Doomsday debunked wiki uses Pivot.

If you want even more space you can use Foreground which has no sidebar to the left even for desktop - but I think on normal szed display screens that makes the text too wide - most websites have some margin to constrain the text a bit, to about the width of a normal book page.

Complete list here, and we may as well add them. We can then try them out under preferences. Can enable them for just mobile devices as well with MobileFrontend.

Potential security issue

  • Extension:EmbedVideo is an extension that makes it very easy to embed videos from YouTube and many other providers as well as upload your own videos locally. Could be useful if we want to embed videos by Buddhist teachers on topics, for instance. I use it on my music software wikis and it works very well. - done - but removed because mirahzes says there is a potential security issue

Error messages

'error message #Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message #'/home/encyclo5/public_html/extensions/DeleteBatch/extension.json does not exist!' - and indeed it doesn't.

Other for the future things=

(where does this belong?)

There is a good online html to wikimarkup converter here

We could allow use of external images, e.g. if it is imported from a site we are also using or have permission to embed images from


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