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There's a list of pages with errors in:

It's worth looking through to see if there are any remaining unresolved errors. Though - sometimes a page shows an error there yet displsys fine and the errors in the templates themselves can probably be ignored if they don't cause problems in any the pages that use them. I am not sure, some of them may have script errors in wikipedia too. Some of the templates imported from Wikipedia depend on deleted templates and when I go and look in Wikipedia they are deleted there too. So - I may be missing something - but they seem to have a philosophy that if a template works no need to fix it :).

Protected pages

The page protection pages cause script errors. This is easily fixed as we don't need the template. I have been removing it from pages that link to it - but for now we might as well just redirect it to the void template.

To replace by

#REDIRECT [[Template:Void]]