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We use vetting for the articles imported from Wikipedia or other sources external to the encyclopedia (sources with appropriate licenses that permit imports).

The values 0-50% are for a first look over without checking the sources, and 50 - 100% for increasingly thorough checking of the sources.

  • 0% - has been imported from Wikipedia but not checked yet - e.g. part of an automatic mass import
  • 20% - first read through and didn't see any libelous material or anything absurd, or material inappropriate for the encyclopedia - no red flags. If the original article had anything of that sort, this indicates that it has been checked, and the inappropriate material either corrected or removed.
  • 40% - a more careful read through - but have not checked the sources
  • 50% and above - vetter has started the process of checking the sources.
  • 60% - vetter has read some of the most important sources cited. They are confident that the main points in the article match what the sources say, but have not checked them thoroughly
  • 80% - Checked all the main sources thoroughly
  • 100% Gone through it line by line, checked every source, major or minor, and made sure that every sentence accurately states what the source says. Any previously uncited material has been given a citation, or is flagged as citation needed, or removed.

Other intermediate values also possible, e.g. 90% would be suitable if the vetter has done a first check of all the sources but needs to do a final read through to catch any errors that might have slipped through on a first reading.

Some of the things to look out for at the 20% level are:

For EOB contributors: to add this template to an article, use {{Vetted}}. E.g. {{Vetted|40|[[User:Robertinventor|RW]]}}