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Required Modules and templates

These graphs require the Graphs extension enabled for the wiki, also the template {{Graph:Chart}}, and the module Module:Graph.

Robert's article (2018)

The September 2018 graphs were used for Robert's article Growth in web traffic to our Encyclopedia of Buddhism

Related comments (2018)

Note from Robert, 2018 Oct 1:

Since we are currently running at 100 visitors a month, if this continued then by this time next year we'd have 10,000 visitors a day or 300,000 a month, and - just supposing it continued for another year then we'd have a million visits a day and 30 million a month. Have no idea where it is headed at present. Except, has to stop before 30 million a month.
Looking at the lists of Buddhists by country in Wikipedia (it’s okay on this sort of thing) then there are probably no more than a couple of million Buddhists who have English as their first language, mainly from the US, and Australia. Add Buddhists in India, many of whom will have some English so may use our Encyclopedia, that’s around 10 million. Then you have those who are interested in Buddhism, seen a story about it, have a friend who is Buddhist etc. It’s still surely going to be in the millions or at most tens of millions, for our total potential audience, from whom some may visit our encyclopedia