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Eight subcontinents (Tib. གླིང་ཕྲན་བརྒྱད་, ling tren gyé, Wyl. gling phran brgyad) — there are two subcontinents for each of the four continents which surround Mount Meru according to the cosmology of the Abhidharma. The subcontinents are of identical shape to the continent they surround, but of half its size. The eight subcontinents are:

1. Deha (Skt.; Tib. ; Wyl. lus) and
2. Videha (Skt.; Tib. Lüpak; Wyl. lus 'phags)

which surround Purvavideha;

3. Chamara (Skt. Cāmara; Tib. Ngayab; Wyl. rnga yab) and
4. Aparachamara (Skt. Aparacāmara; Tib. Ngayabshyen; Wyl. rnga yab gzhan)

which surround Jambudvipa;

5. Shatha (Skt. Śāthā; Tib. Yoden; Wyl. g.yo ldan) and
6. Uttaramantrina (Skt. Uttaramantriṇa; Tib. Lamchokdro; Wyl. lam mchog 'gro)

which surround Aparagodaniya; and

7. Kurava (Skt.; Tib. Draminyen; Wyl. sgra mi snyan) and
8. Kaurava (Skt.; Tib. Draminyen gyi da; Wyl. sgra mi snyan gyi zla)

which surround Uttarakuru.

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