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The four bases of miraculous power (Skt. caturṛddhipāda; Tib. རྫུ་འཕྲུལ་གྱི་རྐང་པ་བཞི་, Wyl. rdzu 'phrul gyi rkang pa bzhi) are the third group of practices in the thirty-seven factors of enlightenment:

  1. chanda (Skt.; Tib. འདུན་པ་, Wyl. 'dun pa) - intention
  2. virya (Skt. vīrya; Tib. བརྩོན་འགྲུས་, Wyl. brtson 'grus) - diligence
  3. citta (Skt.; Tib. སེམས་པ་, Wyl. sems pa) - attention
  4. mīmāṃsā (Skt.; Tib. དཔྱོད་པ་, Wyl. dpyod pa) - discernment, analysis

Sanskrit tradition

Within Tibetan Buddhism, these four factors are said to be practised at the greater level of the path of accumulation. They are called bases (literally 'legs') of miraculous powers because they provide the foundation for the subsequent attainment of the six clear perceptions and so on.[1]

The Garland of Radiant Light states:

By cultivating diligence...the mind will be able to remain in a state of one-pointed concentration and become extremely flexible. This allows one to accomplish the various types of super-knowledge, as well as every other goal. Meditative absorptions that possess this type of mental flexibility arise in dependence upon a specific cause, the eight applications that eliminate the five flaws.[2]

The Sutra of the Ten Bhumis says:

One trains in the base of miraculous powers of samadhi based on intention with the antidotes for abandoning. One remains in isolation, one remains free from attachment, and one remains in cessation and meditates on complete transformation.
It is similar for the base of miraculous powers of samadhi based on diligence with the antidotes for abandoning, the base of miraculous powers of attention with the antidotes for abandoning and the base of miraculous powers of discernment with the antidotes for abandoning.[1]

Pali tradition


Alternative translations

  • Four bases fo miraculous power (Dharmachakra, Rigpawiki)
  • Four bases of psychic powers (Buswell)
  • Four legs of miraculous action (Ranjung Yeshe wiki)
  • Four bases of success (Andy Rotman)


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