Fourteen non-concurrent formations

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Fourteen non-concurrent formations (Skt. citta-viprayukta-samskara; Tib. ལྡན་མིན་འདུ་བྱེད་བཅུ་བཞི་, den min dujé chushyi, Wyl. ldan min 'du byed bcu bzhi) mentioned in Vasubandhu's Treasury of Abhidharma:

  1. acquisition (Wyl. thob pa)
  2. dispossession (Wyl. ma thob pa)
  3. same status or similar class (Wyl. skal mnyam / Wyl. ris mthun)
  4. perceptionless absorption
  5. perceptionlessness
  6. absorption of cessation
  7. life faculty (Wyl. srog gi dbang po)
  8. jati (Wyl. skye ba) - birth
  9. abiding (Wyl. gnas pa)
  10. aging (Wyl. rga ba)
  11. impermanence (Wyl. mi rtag pa)
  12. names (Wyl. ming gi tshogs)
  13. words/phrases (Wyl. tshig gi tshogs)
  14. letters (Wyl. yi ge'i tshogs)

Note that there are an additional ten non-concurrent formations mentioned in Asanga's Compendium of Abhidharma

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