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foxing (J. busshō; K. pulsŏng 佛性) is a Chinese term that is translated as buddha-nature.[1]

Alex Gardner states:

Buddha-nature is actually an English translation of a Chinese term, foxing 佛性. This term appears to have been invented in China to translate buddhadhātu, possibly also buddhatā, tathatā, prakṛtivyadadāna, and other terms. See King, Buddha Nature, 173–74n5. The most common Sanskrit term [for buddha nature], tathāgatagarbha, means something like "womb/essence/seed (garbha) of the one who has gone/come (gata / āgata) to thusness (tathā; i.e., enlightenment)." The Chinese translation of tathāgatagarbha is rulaixing 如來性.[2]
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