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Gil Fronsdal is a Norwegian-born, American Buddhist teacher, writer and scholar based in Redwood City, California. He has been practicing Buddhism of the Sōtō Zen and Vipassanā sects since 1975.[1] Having been taught by the Vipassanā practitioner Jack Kornfield, Fronsdal is part of the Vipassanā teachers' collective at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.[2] He was ordained as a Sōtō Zen priest at the San Francisco Zen Center in 1982, and was a Theravāda monk in Burma in 1985.[1]

He is the guiding teacher of the Insight Meditation Center (IMC) of Redwood City.[3] He has a PhD in Buddhist Studies from Stanford University.[2] His many dharma talks available on line contain basic information on meditation and Buddhism, as well as subtle concepts of Buddhism explained at the level of the lay person.[4]

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