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The three inner tantras are the final three divisions within the nine yanas of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism.

The three divisions of the inner tantras are:

Among other factors, the three divisions of Inner Tantra differ in terms of the emphasis they place on the generation stage and completion stage of tantric practice. The Mahayoga emphasizes the generation stage, Anuyoga the completion stage and Atiyoga the synthesis and transcendence of both.

The three divisions of the Inner Tantra correspond roughly to the highest category of tantras of the New Translation schools, there known as Highest Yoga Tantra.


Some of the tantras of the three inner tantras are included in the Kangyur, but there is also a separate collection of the three inner tantras known as the Nyingma Gyubum.[1]

There are also many tantras of this tradition that were revealed as termas.[1]

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