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jñāna-pāramitā (T. ye shes kyi pha rol tu phyin pa ཡེ་ཤེས་ཀྱི་ཕ་རོལ་ཏུ་ཕྱིན་པ་; C. 智到彼岸) is translated as "perfection of exalted wisdom," "perfection of primordial wisdom," "perfection of knowledge," etc.[1] It is the tenth of the ten paramitas of the Sanskrit tradition, which is mastered on the tenth bodhisattva ground (dharmameghā-bhūmi) of the bodhisattva path.[2]

One Teacher, Many Traditions states:

The perfection of exalted wisdom knows the diversity of phenomena, conventionalities, and enables bodhisattvas to be of great benefit to all beings.[3]


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