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Jambudvipa (Skt. Jambudvīpa; Tib. འཛམ་བུའི་གླིང་, Dzambuling, Wyl. ‘dzam bu gling, Eng. 'Rose-Apple Continent') — one of the four continents, which is situated to the south of Mount Meru, according to Buddhist cosmology. Its shape is trapezoidal or resembling the shape of an axe-head. It is the human world in which we live.

“Since this continent is adorned by [a jambu/Jambubriksha] tree, it is known as the 'Continent of Jambu', or Jambudvipa. The jambu tree is presumed by some to be the rose-apple tree (Eugenia jambolana). More recent scholarship suggests that it may be a variety of plum. However, legend says that only one jambu tree exists, which is not visible to ordinary persons but only to enlightened beings.”[1]

Alternative translations

  • the Rose-Apple Continent
  • Continent/Island of Jambu


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Further reading

  • Jamgön Kongtrul, Myriad Worlds (Ithaca: Snow Lion, 1995), pages 112-113 & 131-134, ISBN 978-1559391887

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