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Jyotipala Mahathera was the 10th Sangharaja of Bangladesh. He succeeded Nagasena Mahathera, the 9th Sangharaja. Jyotipala Mahathera has written several books on Buddhist philosophy and translated some Pali texts like Puggalapaññatti into Bengali. The Karmatatva authored by Jyotipala has been recommended for M.A. syllabus in the Chittagong and Dhaka Universities of Bangladesh. During the 1971 War in Bangladesh he went to many Asian countries to report on injustices to Bengali civilians.

Renunciation-ordination and education

Renounced in 1933 under the guidance of Archery Gunalongkar Mahasthabir. Ordained 14 July 1938 under Archery Gunalongkar Mahasthabir. Tripitaka Visarad, Nalanda Bidya Bhaban, Calcutta and owned Gold Medal.

Association with organizations

  • President  : Tripura - Noakhali Buddhist Association.
  • Vice-president  : East Pakistan Bouddha Kristi Prachar Sangha
  • President  : Bangladesh Bouddha Kristi Prachar Sangha
  • Founder President : Bangladesh National Centre of Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace.
  • Co Founder  : Harischar Union High School.
  • President  : Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mohamondal
  • President  : Sambodhi Society of Bangladesh
  • Chief Abbot  : Baraigaon Kanak Chetya Buddhist Vihara.
  • Founder President : Baraigaon Kanakchetiya Buddhist Vihara Complex & Baraigaon Kanakchetiya Vihara

Baraigaon Kanakchetiya Buddhist Orphanage Baraigaon Girls’ High School Baraigaon Buddhist Orphanage High School Baraigaon Primary School Chief Abbot  : World Peace Pagoda,Chittagang

National and international recognitions and rewards

1. Tripitaka Visarad Gold Medal from Sanskrit & Pali Board Calcutta. 2. Maha Sasandhar 3.Maha Dharma Nidhi 4. Gold Medal From Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace. 5. Sangharaj (Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha 6. World Citizen (From International Association for Religious Freedom,U.K) 7.Religious & Peace Award (From International Association for Religious Freedom, U.K.) 8. AggamahaSaddhammajyotikadhaja (From Mayanmar) 9. Ekushe Padak-2010 (From Bangladesh Government For Social & Religious Contribution) 10. Sadhinata Padak-2011(Highest State Honor for great Contribution in Liberation War of Bangladesh)

Death and funeral ceremony

12 April 2002 in Mumbai J. J Hospital, India.

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