Kun bzang bla ma'i zhal lung

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kun bzang bla ma'i zhal lung (T. ཀུན་བཟང་བླ་མའི་ཞལ་ལུང་; pron: kunzang lame shelung), or "Words of My Perfect Teacher," is a text on the the Longchen Nyingtik preliminary practices by the Tibetan teacher Patrul Rinpoche.

The Padmakara Translation Group states:

Ever since its publication in the middle of the nineteenth century, Patrul Rinpoche’s Kunzang Lama’i Shelung, known to many Western readers as The Words of My Perfect Teacher, has been acknowledged as an indispensable guide to the preliminary practices, not only for followers of the Longchen Nyingtik tradition in the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism, for whom it was originally written, but also for anyone with a sincere desire to put the Buddhist teachings into practice. Patrul Rinpoche’s work has a special place within the Tibetan commentatorial tradition with its direct, often humorous style and wealth of anecdotes. It makes the teachings immediately accessible to complete beginners while providing frequent reminders of the obstacles on the path that can all too easily prove the undoing of seasoned practitioners.[1]



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