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Marion Derby (later Marian Wisberg and also known as Marion Mountain) (March 12, 1923 - May 15, 2013[1][2]) was an author, artist, and zen student of Shunryū Suzuki.

Derby was a puppeteer at one point, working with Frank Oz at the Children's Fairyland Puppet Fair hosted by the San Francisco Puppeteers Guild of America.[3]

Derby was the head of the Los Altos Zen group (which later evolved into the Kannon Do Zen Meditation Center[4]) where Shunryū Suzuki often taught.[5] Derby was responsible for putting together the first draft of Shunryū Suzuki's Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind.[4][6] Derby's father was driving Suzuki from Los Altos to San Francisco and he inquired about Suzuki's ambition wherein Suzuki replied "I'd like to write a book."[6] After hearing about this conversation from her father, Derby approached Suzuki about taping his lectures and transcribing them.[6] Suzuki later suggested she give the manuscript to Richard Baker who then further refined it with the help of Trudy Dixon.[7]

Under the name Marian Mountain, Derby authored her own book on Zen entitled The Zen Environment: The Impact of Zen Meditation.[8] She was working on a follow up book entitled Snail Zen when she died.[9]


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