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Master Lian Tzi is a Buddhist master in the Vajrayana tradition, lineage yoga master, Buddhist lecturer and published author. She was awarded the 2017 British Columbia Community Achievement Award,[1] for outstanding community service. The British Columbia Achievement Foundation is an independent foundation established and endowed by the province of BC to celebrate excellence in the arts, humanities, enterprise and community service. Master Lian Tzi was recognized for her continuous work on improving the lives of disadvantaged youths, seniors, low-income families and the homeless in Vancouver's poorest neighborhood, the downtown eastside.

Master Lian Tzi is the current President of the Lotus Light Charity Society's Vancouver Chapter. She is also the founding President of Lotus Light Charity Society, an international charitable organization founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1993 with over 90 chapters worldwide with each chapter supporting local community causes and contributing to global humanitarian causes such was earthquake and famine relief. The charity’s mandate is education, medical assistance, social assistance, cultural awareness and emergency disaster relief.

In July 2013, the Lotus Light Charity Society's Vancouver Chapter organized a public World Peace & Harmony charity event to promote the values of peace, harmony, compassion and selfless community service. The guest of honour was The Honourable Judith Guichon, OBC, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia who was in attendance to deliver the event's keynote speech.[2]

Master Lian Tzi established the Lotus Light Charity Society Vancouver Chapter's Annual Winter Charity Drive in 1986 and in subsequent years developed the Sleeping Bag program[3] to distribute sleeping bags and winter care packages to the thousands of impoverished residents and homeless in the local Vancouver downtown eastside community, in partnership with the homeless outreach program of the Vancouver Police Department, BC Ambulance Service and other community service centers.[4] She also established the Worldwide Annual Community Rice Donation program, which has contributed millions of pounds of rice since its inception in 1995 to food banks around the world, and has contributed over 300,000 lbs of rice locally to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank to date.

A dynamic role model for community volunteerism and philanthropy, Master Lian Tzi continues to serve her community as an esteemed Buddhist teacher, a champion of the neediest members of society and a source of genuine inspiration for her dedication to charitable work through upholding the values of the Lotus Light Charity Society motto: “through caring and learning, we help to build a better tomorrow”.

Essays (散文集)

  • Floating Flowers in the Dreams (夢裡飛花) 
  • Inspiring Messages Fluttering in the Breeze (信物風飄飄)

Dharma Talks, Discourses & Written Works (講經說法文集)

  • Commentaries on The Jade Pond Golden Mother’s Universal Deliverance, Retrieval of Perfection, and Liberation through Meditative Stability and Wisdom Authentic Scripture (瑤池金母定慧解脫真經)
  • Commentaries on The Jade Pond Golden Mother’s Nourishment of Righteousness Authentic Scripture (瑤池金母養正真經)
  • Commentaries on The Jade Pond Golden Mother’s Great Compassionate Salvation from Obstruction Sutra (瑤池金母普度救劫經)
  • Commentaries on The Jade Pond Golden Mother’s Great Cultivation to Attain Complete Perfection Repentance Sutra (瑤池金母收圓寶懺經)
  • Will Power Can Overcome Time and Space (願力遍時空)
  • Heaven and Earth Can Be Created from One’s Heart (天地造化在一心)
  • Insights from the Unselfish Eyes (無心之眼)
  • When / If you Come Across Crisis (當你遇難時)
  • The Breakthrough (破關)
  • Exposition on Golden Light Sutra [金光明經(上、下冊)]
  • My Monkhood (我的出家生活)
  • Commentaries on The Diamond Sutra (金剛般若波羅蜜)
  • Commentaries on The Buddha Explains the Benefits of Ordination (佛說出家功德經)
  • Commentaries on The Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra (維摩詰所說經)



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