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Megha (T. sprin). Literally "cloud" or "clouds." The term has multiple usages in Buddhism.

From 84000 glossary:[1][2]

  1. An alternate name (or epithet) for Sumedha
    Braavig, et al, state: "A young brahmin during the time of the Buddha Dīpaṅkara; he was a past life of the Buddha Śākyamuni in which he received his prophecy of awakening."[2]
  2. A nāga lady from a previous time.
  3. A mountain on the continent of Kuru.
  4. A Dravidian, the kalyāṇamitra of chapter 7.
  5. A vidyārāja from the personal retinue of Vajrapāṇi.
  6. A devaputra present in the assembly of the Buddha Śākyamuni.
  7. Forty-sixth of the eighty designs on the palms and soles of the Tathāgata.


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