Mikyö Dorje, 8th Karmapa Lama

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Mikyö Dorje, 8th Karmapa, 19th-century painting, Rubin Museum of Art
The 8th Karmapa, Mikyö Dorje (1507-1554) and his teacher the First Sangye Nyenpa

Mikyö Dorje (Wylie: mi bskyod rdo rje, 1507–1554) was the eighth Karmapa, head of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

He is arguably the most famous of the Karmapas. An outstanding master in all the arts and sciences, he wrote widely on a great many subjects. His collected works comprise 27 volumes.[1]


Mikyö Dorje was born in Satam, Kham. According to the legend, he said after being born: "I am Karmapa." and was recognized by Tai Situpa. In this case there was another child from Amdo who also claimed to be Karmapa. Gyaltsab Rinpoche, the regent of the region, thought of a test to decide who was the real Karmapa. This was the first time that a test was used to determine a reincarnation.

Mikyö Dorje left numerous Buddhist writings on Madhyamaka, Abhidharma, Tantric and Mahamudra texts, poetry (verses of profound wisdom) and even linguistics. He introduced special guru yoga in four sessions, which is the basis for Karma Kagyu teachings.[2] He was also a skillful painter and metal craftsman with many famous thangkas and statues.




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