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Putuoshan island

Putuoshan (普陀山/補陀山), or "Mount Potalaka," is a mountainous island in the Zhoushan Archipelago off the eastern coast of Zhejian Province, that is associated with the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.[1] It is one of the four great mountains of Chinese Buddhism, the others being Wutaishan, Emeishan, and Jiuhuashan.[1]

The Princeton Dictionary states:

Putuoshan is regarded as the sacred mountain of Avalokiteśvara, known in Chinese as Guanyin pusa, the revered “bodhisattva of compassion.” There are many legends told about Putuoshan. During the Tang dynasty, an Indian monk is said to have come to Putuoshan and immolated his ten fingers, after which Avalokiteśvara appeared and preached the dharma to him. As this legend spread, Putuoshan gained fame as the sacred site of Avalokiteśvara.[1]

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