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Muni (T. thub pa ཐུབ་པ་) is the eighth of the 1000 buddhas of this Fortunate Eon according to the Fortunate Eon Sutra (Bhadrakalpikasūtra) and other sutras of the Sanskrit tradition tradition.[1]

The Tibetan translation of this name (thub pa) means "capable one," "able one," "one who subdues," etc.[2]

The Fortunate Eon Sutra states:

The birthplace of the thus-gone Muni will be the city known as Highest Flower. His family will be kṣatriya. His light will extend one league. Great Mountain will be his father. Jasmine Flower will be his mother. Supreme Jewel will be his son. Truly Supreme will be his attendant. Certain Intelligence will be foremost in terms of insight. Power Gift will be foremost in terms of miraculous abilities. His first congregation will consist of ten thousand hearers, his second of four hundred million hearers, and his third of five hundred million worthy ones. The extent of his lifespan will be sixty thousand years. His sacred Dharma will remain for one thousand years. His relics will be abundant.[1]


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