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naivasaṃjñānāsaṃjñāyatana (P. nevasaññānāsaññāyatana; T. 'du shes med 'du shes med min skye mched འདུ་ཤེས་མེད་འདུ་ཤེས་མེད་མིན་སྐྱེ་མཆེད་; C. feixiang feifeixiang chu) is translated as "sphere of neither perception nor non-perception," etc. It is identified as:

In Tibetan, this sphere is also known as:

  • "the sphere of neither existence or non-existence" (T. yod min med min gyi skye mched ཡོད་མིན་མེད་མིན་གྱི་སྐྱེ་མཆེད་)
  • "the peak of existence" (Tib. སྲིད་པའི་རྩེ་མོ་, Wyl. srid pa'i rtse mo) - since it is the highest possible state in worldly existence[1][2]


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