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Nirvikalpa (P. nibbikappa; T. rnam par mi rtog pa/rnam par rtog pa med pa རྣམ་པར་མི་རྟོག་པ་/རྣམ་པར་རྟོག་པ་མེད་པ་; C. wu fenbie) means non-conceptual or non-discriminating.

The Rangjung Yeshe Wiki presents the following definitions of nirvikalpa (T. rnam par mi rtog pa):[1]

  • "Of or pertaining to the absence of conceptual thinking or discursive thought"
  • "the state of recognizing reality which is totally freed of the distortions of discursive thought, non-discrimination"

According to Buswell, nirvikalpa describes states of direct perception.[2]

This term is used in the Yogacara school in making distinctions between conceptual thought (vikalpa) and non-conceptual thought.

Alternate translations

Alternate translations for this term are:

  • non-conceptualization
  • non-discrimination

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