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pūrvanivāsānusmṛti (P. pubbenivāsānussati; T. sngon gyi gnas rjes su dran pa; C. suzhu suinian 宿住隨念) is translated as "memory of past lives," "recollection of former abodes," etc. It is an element of meditative attainment of many traditions.[1]

Pūrvanivāsānusmṛti is identified as:[1]

The Buddhist Dictionary states:

“He remembers manifold former existences (pubbe-nivāsānussati), such as one birth, two, three, four and five births… hundred thousand births; remembers many formations and dissolutions of worlds: ‘There I was, such name I had… and vanishing from there I entered into existence somewhere else… and vanishing from there I again reappeared here.’ Thus he remembers, always together with the marks and peculiarities, many a former existence.”[2]


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