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Parikalpita (T. kun btags/kun brtags ཀུན་བཏགས/ཀུན་བརྟགས་; C. bianji suozhi xing 遍計所執性) is translated as “imputed,” “imaginary,” "artificial," etc. This term is contrasted with sahaja (innate, co-emergent).

The Tibetan-English Dictionary of Buddhist Terms states:

Parikalpita. Conceptual imputation; intellectual imputation; artificial labelling or imputation. Misconception of the true nature of phenomena developed through reasoning rooted in philosophical and intellectual study or training.[1]

Parikalpita is identified in the following contexts:

Related tibetan terms

  • kun tu rtog pa ཀུན་ཏུ་རྟོག་པ་ - mental construction, conceptualization
  • kun rtog ཀུན་རྟོག་ - to conceptualize


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