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Peter Harvey

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Brian Peter Harvey (born 1951) is a contemporary British scholar of Buddhism. Harvey received his Ph.D under the supervision of Ninian Smart at Lancaster University. He was a Professor of Buddhist Studies at the University of Sunderland prior to his retirement.[1]

Harvey is the author of several books:

  • An Introduction to Buddhism: Teachings, History and Practices published by Cambridge University Press.[2]
  • The Selfless Mind: Personality, Consciousness and Nirvana in Early Buddhism,[3][4]
  • An Introduction to Buddhist Ethics: Foundations, Values and Practices published by the Cambridge University Press.

His papers on Theravada Buddhism have appeared in many peer-reviewed journals, but his contributions to the broader Buddhist studies include an anthology of Theravāda, Mahāyāna and Vajrayāna texts that is being distributed by Mahachulalongkorn Rajavidyalaya University in Thailand.[5][6]

He co-founded UK Association for Buddhist Studies with professor Ian Harris, and has been an editor of the journal Buddhist Studies Review.[5]


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