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Phra Dharmavisuddhikavi
(Pichitr Thitavanno)
Religion Buddhism
School Theravada, Dhammayuttika Nikaya
Dharma names Thitavanno
Nationality Thai
Born (1936-06-24)June 24, 1936
Amphoe Sathing Phra, Songkhla Province, Thailand

Phra Dhammavisuddhikavi is a Buddhist teacher, writer and meditation master for Buddhist monks, novices and the general public in Thailand.


Phra Dhammavisuddhikavi (Pali name Pichitr Thitavanno) was born June 24, 1936, in Songkhla Province, South Thailand. He was ordained a novice in 1953 and a monk in 1956 at Wat Somana Vihara, Bangkok. He is a graduate of Pali Studies Grade 9, the highest grade of Pali studies in Thailand. He has a bachelor's degree in Religious Studies (Honours) from Mahamakut Buddhist University, Thailand, and a High Certificate from the Training institute for Dhammaduta (Buddhist missionary work). He also holds a M.A. in Sanscrit Literature and Diploma in Hindi from B.H.U. India. Phra Dhammavisuddhikavi is the Lord Abbot of Wat Somanasivihara and Ex-Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at Mahamakut Buddhist University, Bangkok, Thailand. He has written 70 books on Buddhism.


Preface to: Ven. Phra Dhammavisuddhikavi, A Buddhist Way of Mental Training, B.E.2544/A.D. 2001, Chuan Printing Press, Bangkok.


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