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Prajñapti (P. paññatti; T. btags pa བཏགས་པ་; C. jiaming 假名) is a conventional designation,[1] or "the denotation of a thing by a word."[2]

The term has been translated as “designation,” “imputation,” or “convention."[3] states:

[Prajnapti is] the denotation of a thing by a word. The concept of prajñapti is especially important in the Mādhyamika (“Middle View”) and Vijñānavāda (“Consciousness-affirming”) schools. Prajñapti is seen as a fictitious construction unrelated to ultimate reality...[2]

The term is also contrasted with dravyasat (substantially existent).[3]

Alternate translations

  • conventional designation (Gold)[1]

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