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It started when I attempted to add a POV (Point of View) tag to the Four Noble Truths article in Wikipedia, on the grounds that it presented mainly the POV of Western academics.

Taken to the Dispute Resolution Noticeboard

The other editors removed this tag. I then argued for the tag on the talk page. They took me to the Dispute Resolution Noticeboard where the idea is for the editors to talk to each other until they reach a consensus with assistance of a third party moderator. We didn't achieve a consensus, not surprisingly. The admin who closed that suggested formal mediation, or the Reliable Source Noticeboard (RSN).

Formal mediation seemed unlikely to succeed. It is rather similar to DRN - the idea is for the editors to come to a consensus view on what to do about the situation with an uninvolved editor as mediator. So, I took it to the RSN.

Attempt at discussion as a reliable sources issue

I had prepared an essay on this previously:

The discussion is here. The volunteers felt they couldn't take it on. Their reason was that the question was about types of sources in general for the Buddhism topic area, rather than specific sources. Robert McClenon summarized their reasons here:

"There doesn't appear to be any specific procedure for closing a case at this noticeboard. However, it appears that this filing was well-meant but misguided because it didn't have to do with specific sources but with a meta-question about types of sources (Western non-Buddhist sources, Western Buddhist sources, Asian Buddhist sources)."

That then seems to take it full circle back to the Buddhism project. We had discussed that already in the RfC RfC (Request for Comments) on Wikipedia : Are texts written by Buddhist writers and teachers that explain basic Buddhist concepts reliable secondary sources? (Regardless of whether they have western academic training)

There seem to be no other procedures available in Wikipedia to do something about an issue like this.

Topic banned for editing my post in RSN in response to the discussion

The RSN volunteers made no further recommendations. In any case there was no prospect for taking it any further, as I got indef topic banned from Wikipedia in the Buddhism topic area in the middle of this discussion for what seemed trivial reasons to us, including editing my post in the RSN after others had commented on it in the discussion area - without using strikeout to make clear what the original text was, and being verbose in the talk page discussions.

This underscored the situation. Any further actions would have to be taken outside Wikipedia.