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Sambhogakāya (T. longs sku ལོངས་སྐུ་; C. baoshen 報身) is defined as a 'form body' of a buddha, which appears only to bodhisattvas and is the basis for the arising of the nirmanakaya. It is adorned with the major and minor marks of a great being.

It is identified as:


Thinley Norbu states:

Sambhogakāya in Tibetan is Longs.spyod.rdzogs.sku. Longs means wealth, spyod means to use or enjoy, rdzogs means complete, sku means body. Sambhogakāya means the body of complete enjoyment of the wealth of pure perceptions.[1]

Alternative Translations

  • Buddha Body of Perfect Resource (Dorje & Coleman)


  1. Thinley Norbu 1993, Chapter 13.


Further reading

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