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Religion Jogye Order of Korean Seon
School Kwan Um School of Zen
Education Dongguk University
Other names Dae Soensa-nim
Born Dok-In Lee / 이덕인 / 李德仁
(1927-08-01)August 1, 1927
Sunchon, occupied Korea
(now Sunchon, North Korea)
Died November 30, 2004(2004-11-30) (aged 77)
Hwagaesa, Seoul, South Korea
Senior posting
Title Dae Jongsa - Seonsanim
(Great Zen Master)
Predecessor Kobong
Successor Soenghyang
Chang Sik Kim
Religious career

Seungsahn (Hangul숭산행원대선사; Hanja崇山行願大禪師; RRSungsan Haeng'weon Daeseonsa, August 1, 1927 – November 30, 2004), born Duk-In Lee, was a Korean Seon master of the Jogye Order and founder of the international Kwan Um School of Zen. He was the seventy-eighth Patriarch in his lineage. As one of the early Korean Zen masters to settle in the United States, he opened many temples and practice groups across the globe.


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