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Shin Maha Silavamsa
ရှင်မဟာ သီလဝံသ
Religion Buddhism
School Theravada
Other names Shin Maha Thilawuntha
Dharma names Shin Maha Silavamsa
Nationality Kingdom of Ava
Born 1453
Died 1518
Senior posting
Based in Ava, Myanmar
Title Shin Maha

Shin Maha Silavamsa(Burmese: ရှင်မဟာ သီလဝံသ) was a Theravadan Buddhist monk who lived Ava Kingdom (1364–1555) of Myanmar. He is famous for his poetry and he is one of the greatest poets of ancient Burma. Paramitawkhan Pyoပါရမီတော်ခန်းပျို့ and Sautaungkhan Pyoဆိုတောင်းခန်းပျို့ are his masterpieces. Those are religious poetry and deep for ordinary people to understand who don't have proper knowledge of Buddhism. In ancient Myanmar, poet wrote poetry base on three subjects, about the world(the living environment)လောကအရေး, about the Kingsရာဇအရေး and about the Dharma(Religions)ဓမ္မအရေး . Shin Maha Silavamsa focused on religious poetry.

Personal life

Shin Maha Silavamsa birth name was Maung Nyo. He was born in Myolulin village to the North of Taungdwingyi on a Friday of 1453. His parents are U Kyi and Daw Dway. He studied literature and Buddhism texts from Natmeelin Sayardaw(Shin Silasara Bidaja) of Yadanar Beikman Monastery. He was so bright that he could write poetry on the spot at the age of 7. It is not known when he became a novice monk. When he was 20, he became a monk and stayed with his master, Shin Silasara Bidaja. He wrote his masterpiece, Paramitawkhan Pyo when he was 38. After that, he become famous for his creation. At the age of 40, he move to Ava. The King of Ava offered him Yadanar Beikman Golden Monastery at Sagaing. He is 8th master of this Monastery.


Paramitawkhan Pyo is one of the greatest works of poetry of Burmese literature. He wrote Sutaungkhan Pyo when he was living in Sagaing. Taungdwingyi. When King of Ava was going to hold the opening ceremony of Tada-U Mingalar Pagoda, he wrote Tada-U Mingalar Pagoda Epic for the King. Moreover, he also wrote several literature, essay and novels regarding with Buddhism. These include Dhama Pala Pyo, Parayana, Maha Raha Niti, Taungdwinlar Pyo and Meikhtila Lake Epic, etc.

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