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Vīmaṃsaka Sutta

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The '''''Vīmaṃsaka Sutta''''' (MN 47, ''The Inquirer'') is a discourse contained within sutta of the [[Pali Canon]] of [[Theravada]] Buddhism and that is paralleled by 求解 ('The discourse on investigating [for the sake of] understanding', MA 186 T 26.186) in the [[Āgama (Buddhism)#Madhyama .C4.80gama|Madhyama Agama]] of the Chinese [[Taisho Tripitaka]]. According to [[Bhikkhu Analayo]] this sutta and its Chinese parallel presents "a remarkable advocacy of free inquiry" by making the Buddha's claim to awakening the object of "the most searching scrutiny." <ref>Anālayo, The Scope of Free Inquiry According to the Vīmaṃsakasutta and its Madhyama- āgama Parallel;Rivista di studi sudasiatici, 4 ∙ 2010, 7–20.</ref>

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