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Sthiramati (T. blo gros brtan pa; C. anhui 安慧) was a 6th-century Indian Buddhist scholar. He was renowned for his commentaries on Yogācāra and Abhidharma, in which he expounded on the works of Vasubandhu and others, as well as for a commentary on the Kaśyāpa-parivarta.

Artemus B. Engle writes:

Over the years I have found the writings of the Indian Buddhist scholar Sthiramati—such as his commentary on Vasubandhu’s Summary of the Five Heaps—to be among the most detailed sources on the topic of mind and mental factors.[1]

Scholars believe Sthiramati was based primarily in Valābhi (present-day Gujarat), although he is thought to have spent some time at Nālandā.[2]



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