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Sumedha Buddha
Sanskrit सुमेध
Pāli सुमेध
Burmese သုမေဓဘုရား
Korean 선혜불
(RR: Seonhye Bul)
Sinhala සුමේධ බුදුන් වහන්සේ
Thai พระสุชาตพุทธเจ้า
Phra Sumetha Phutthachao
Vietnamese Thiện Tuệ Phật
Venerated by Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana
Preceded by Padmottara Buddha
Succeeded by Sujāta Buddha
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According to Theravada Buddhism's Pali canon's Buddhavamsa and its commentary, Sumedha Buddha is the fourteenth of twenty-seven Buddhas who preceded the historical Gotama Buddha. Sumedha Buddha was born in Sudassana. According to the canon at the age of 9,000 years old he became an ascetic, practiced austerities for fifteen days, and attained Enlightenment. He lived 90,000 years, and died in Medhārāma.[1][2]

The Buddhavamsa describes Sumedha Buddha in this fashion:

Sumedha, hard to attack, of intense incandescence, supreme sage in all the world. He was clear-eyed, full-mouthed, of tall stature, upright, majestic. He sought the welfare of all beings and released many from bondage.[3]

During Sumedha Buddha's lifetime, the one destined to become Gotama Buddha was known as the Brahmin Uttara who, upon entering ascetic life, made an offering to Sumedha Buddha and his Order of 80 crores of wealth.[4][5]

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